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UFO Sighting Report Greenfield Ohio 2/15/17

I with 2 other people witnessed multiple unidentified objects UFOs in the night sky, around 7:45 pm. on 2/15/17. The largest UFO Sighting  would go in and out of sight, but not move its location, and appeared to rotate with varying degrees of an amber like light.Mid sized round yellowish lights would go off and on, and were in a triangle formation when I first noticed them. Then there were multiple small flash lights all round the location of the other UFOs, looked like tiny camera lights flashing non-stop for about 10 minutes, then they all began moving westward. shortly after I could here a jet or two flying over, this area is not that far from Wright-pat Air force base in Dayton. I finally brought my phone out and tried to video the UFOs, but that's when they started to move off, and the surrounding darkness seemed to over shadow everything. mufon cms# 82112

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