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Latest UFO Sighting reported formation of UFO lights moving very fast over Frederick MD

UFO Sighting Lights over Frederick MD 3/22/17

My brother and I were taking out the trash around 10:20 to 10:25 pm. He stopped to finish his cigarette before walking inside and said wow look how bright the stars are tonight. We stood looking at the stars for 30-40 seconds. Then we sighted a UFO formation of dim lights coming from the south and heading north north west and crossed over Route 40. The UFO Sighting formation was almost like a chevron but without equal number of lights on each side. There were four lights in a straight line then two more creating a kind of check mark moving across the sky. The lights stayed in a solid formation while it was moving so we're sure it was a single UFO. It was hard to judge how high it was flying but we came to conclude it was only one to two thousand ft in the air. It covered a lot of air space very quickly and was flying at least four times faster than a typical airplane that we're used to seeing. Also, this UFO was completely silent We both ran inside to call for our step dad to come out and by the time we looked again it was gone. We would really like to know what it was and we hope this information can help. nuforc.org

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