Latest UFO Sighting reported Cone Shaped and reflective stationary Tucson AZ

Latest UFO Sighting occurred on Oct 1 2017 over Tucson Arizona at about 5:45 pm a neighbor called me out to my third floor balcony to see what he had been watching. I grabbed my binoculars and sighted an inverted teardrop shaped UFO highly reflective silver. It appeared to have a "canoe" shaped UFO suspended beneath it. It never moved as the sun began to set the UFO turned orange-red then disappeared at full dark. It was in the NE and was at a great but unknown altitude.

After settling in to observe the UFO sighting we noticed 3 circular objects flying quickly horizontally south to north at about 500 feet. They were a mottled dull red/orange and brown. One seemed to roll and became flat and the group suddenly just vanished. I am a retired Air Force airborne command and control superintendent. My neighbor is retired USN. He told me this morning that a third neighbor had seen the single silver object and photographed it with his phone. I have not spoken with him or seen the photo. mufon cms# 87088

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