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Latest UFO Sighting reported 2/9/16 Oklahoma City

UFO Sighting Witness states that At 3:30 on in February 9th 2016, I stepped outside to smoke a cigarette and my 2 yr old said she saw a "plane," note that she calls everything planes if it flies high in the sky, I proceed to look east and that's when I saw the UFO object. It was a Large Silver Circular object that had what looked like a dome with 2 large lights or windows. The UFO flew from left to right, away from me. It made no sound. When I first saw it I knew 100% it was not a plane or a helicopter because we have heavy air traffic directly above our house. My first though was "oh my god that was a UFO Sighting I have to report it!" The UFO continued its E to SE flight path until I could not longer see it because the the trees. MUFON CMS # 74390

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