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Latest UFO Sighting reported 12 Red Orange UFO Lights Malaga New Jersey

Latest UFO Sighting Orange Orbs Malaga New Jersey May 17 2017

Latest UFO Sightings reported May 17 2017.We observed 12 red orange UFO lights or orbs as they traveled in small groups they moved slowly across the sky to our south west to north east direction.we live close to Philly and there is constant air traffic As we observed these UFOs we noticed there were no planes in sky, as I would say the second UFO was coming my 17 year old daughter called us from the lake which is half mile west of us and she observed the UFOs with her boy friend and noticed the were coming from south but we're ascending to the sky she became frightened and came home we all saw same UFO Sighting of lights orbs!? They made no sound at all they moved very slow and continued to the north briefly after we noticed the flights returning from Philly in there pattern! My wife looked at flights for Philly and they were delays on many flights .what surprises me is the silence of UFO Sighting and how bright they were ! The red and orange color was almost neon it was amazing how they gracefully moved across the sky ! This was amazing ! mufon cms# 83808

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