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Latest UFO Sighting Report 5/8/16 Gautier MS.

Drawing Triangle UFO Sighting Gautier MS 5816

First off, I've been a huge follower of the paranormal, cryptozoology, and UFOs. All that X-Files s**t. I have a telescope and love to watch the night sky and view the moon on a calm and clear night. I even got excited as hell when I found out I was getting stationed at Wright Patterson AFB back in 2009 because supposedly that's where the wreckage from Roswell was sent (I did scope out the so-called Hangar 18 but the windows were all totally painted so that no one could see in. No other hangars had paint covering the windows). I've always wished I could see a UFO but what's funny is that anytime I have had a dream where I witness a UFO Sighting, it scared the s**t out of me. Anyway, here's the deal. I was at a friend's house in Gautier, MS playing DDR yesterday on 5/8/16. We all left out to go to Walmart around 10 pm Got back to his place at 11 pm. My daughter was with me. As we got out the car, my daughter commented on how bright a couple stars were. I told her I can find a very bright one in the constellation called Orion's Belt (the star Betelgeuse). I searched up above for the constellation and after I said Orion's Belt, my friend remarked how anytime he hears the name Orion's Belt, he thinks of the film Men in Black. Not even 5 seconds later, I had my eyes focused in one area in the sky, I wasn't darting them around and I saw something moving slightly to the left of where I was looking in the sky. I thought it might have been a shooting star but when I focused in on the area, I noticed it was actually 7 dim green UFO lights in a v-formation. The lights were flying east and I only witnessed them for about 10 seconds. I immediately wondered whether it could be light reflecting off a flock of birds because that seems to be a common and apparent explanation for some UFOs. I am 100% sure these lights were not birds. It was also not a plane, a group of planes, nor was it helicopters or 7 shooting stars at all. I'd say it was nearly 1,000 feet in above me but not directly, it was further away from me at an angle. So it was about 400 feet shorter in height than the Sears Tower (Willis Tower) which is what I'm comparing the height to when looking upwards since I'm from Chicago. What confused me is the fact that I couldn't make out whether it was one triangular UFO with 7 lights on the bottom of it or 7 individual UFOs flying in unison. Because of how muted the 7 lights were, I thought maybe they were much, much higher in the sky because the lights were somewhat small. But the speed at which they were flying, at least a few hundred feet per second, made me think it was actually closer to me which is why I said they were flying at a height of 1,000 feet up. I had to move my eyes twice per second to keep tracking it as it flew from the west to the east. I ended up losing sight of it because it flew so far away that it started to blend into the starry sky and vanish. What made me think it could have been one solid object with 7 lights is the fact that while I couldn't make out a definite shape in or around the lights, there seemed to be a sort of shimmer or disturbance in the shape of a triangle within the lights almost as if something were cloaked. I could see the stars in the distance just fine but as the 7 lights flew by, the stars that it passed by seemed to waver a bit like when staring at a flame flicker and it gives off that wavy effect above it. It's like when you flick a lighter and only the gas comes out but no flame. So whatever it was may have been a single cloaked object with dim lights or it was 7 small objects with some sort of propulsion by-product emanating from it. I have researched many, many UFO stories and I made sure to take note of anything odd. I noticed no electrical disturbances, no static in the air, and no metallic taste in my mouth. I have no burns or marks on my body either. The lights were totally silent. No noise whatsoever. The lights were gliding by so smoothly too. It all happened so fast and I almost couldn't believe what I was actually witnessing. It was over before I knew it and I had no time to take my eyes off it in order to take a photo or record video because I would have lost the 7 lights since they were so dim/distant to begin with. I wouldn't have been able to pick up the UFOs on camera anyway because it was so dark out. But I clearly saw 7 lights flying in a v-formation toward the east and it blew my mind. All I could manage to do was keep my eyes on it as I exclaimed "Holy crap, look! There's a UFO!" while smiling like an idiot. I drew two pictures. One shows how the lights looked against the night sky and from my perspective as they flew from left to right across the sky. The second picture shows what I was picking up regarding the faint waviness between the lights. Keesler AFB is 40 minutes west from where I was in Gautier, MS and the lights were coming from the west but as far as I know, we don't have anything like that at Keesler, at least I never saw any sort of craft like that when I was stationed there for 4 years. Keesler does deal in meteorology though. I'm still stoked as hell at what I witnessed. My daughter was actually scared though. She wanted to get inside the house because she was afraid of aliens coming down and hurting us so I had to reassure her nothing would happen. I'm convinced that no naturally occurring phenomena can explain what I saw. I'm happy that I finally got to see a UFO Sighting with my own eyes but now I understand when people say it happens so fast that they are just frozen and can't take their eyes off it or that it was out of sight before they could grab a photo of video of it. MUFON CMS# 76238 photo above is a rendered drawing of UFO Sighting

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