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Latest UFO Sighting of 2 star UFOs traveling same speed/velocity Nepean Ontario 7/5/16

latest ufo sighting star like objects Ontario CA 7616

At work 2300-0700 Hrs night security Ottawa Ontario. time of event midnight. Sitting at Picnic table having cigarette/coffee break looking up south, west, and above head at stars in the clear sky. Movement- Noticed star like UFOs moving same speed coming towards my direction(East)or so it appeared. thought was star or man made satellite until realized I've seen this UFO before on 2 other occasions and few others employees on location have also stated they witnessed similar objects in sky in past; which left them speechless. UFOs looked like stars or man made satellites but moved same speed never got any further away or closer to each other they seemed to maintain certain distance from each other(as if well at least I believe resemble front and back lights of man made vehicles) as obvious as is it might sound. followed for 20-30 seconds with eyes not taking eyes off until vanished behind building out of view(even when lead hand approached to say hi). Lead hand from assembly line(which I believe to be very trustworthy credible individual) was witness to event as she was on her lunch break and walked out to smoking area to have a cigarette approximately 10 seconds after I initially started tracking the UFO's/unknown objects. I stated" Am I going crazy seeing things or are those two stars moving at same speed?" she said yes they appear to be we both kept eyes on objects for few more seconds then disappeared out of view behind building. Nothing really surprises me anymore wild and crazy world we live on/in with lots of unknowns, mysteries and questions that need and hopefully will be answered in time. My belief is that this object/s or UFO may be of human origin particularly military as the object does not seem to care about the quickness in which it travels. Thank you for your time. Have a great day and good luck to all those out there searching for the truth!!! MUFON CMS# 77496

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