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Latest UFO Sighting Lights Reported Huston Texas 1/27/17

Saw multiple (30 to 40) moon-like white UFO lights above clouds, moving quickly in circles, arcs and rectangles. Was jogging in Memorial Park at 7:30 PM on the Memorial Park Drive (North side), facing East. Looked at the sky and witnessed a UFO Sighting of multiple moon-like sphere shaped lights all at once and moving in different directions, over the picnic area (towards the South), between 45 and 60 degrees elevation.

Stopped to look for a few minutes. Some of the UFOs (about half) moved to form a circle which rotated for about half a minute, then dispersed to form a scattered pattern with the other UFO lights. The UFO lights were of varied diameter and brightness and changed brightness. Continued jogging eastward and saw fewer lights (10 to 15) which moved in scattered directions. On reaching the intersection (corner) of East Memorial Loop Drive, saw what looked like a normal moon (above the clouds, which were low and very thick overcast) and the lights had seemed to disappear.

Was ready to forget about the event when I had reached the corner but then saw the "moon" break apart into three white lights, two of them moving in small arcs, from bottom to top and on each side to rejoin in the center. This was very alarming so I stopped. Other UFO lights also appeared above the clouds. I stopped another jogger asking him to look at the sky and he was also stunned. He thought maybe they were strobe lights. I pointed out the shape the lights were then creating, a specific rectangular shape with the lights on the top and bottom corners moving together (up and down over 1 or 2 seconds) to form concave arcs on the left and right sides of the rectangle.

The jogger said "I do not know what to think" still noting the UFO lights getting brighter and dimmer. I felt a bit uncomfortable. I had a slight feeling the UFO lights were following me. There was an airplane very high in the sky and the unusual lights were still present. When I arrived at my car at 8:00 PM there were no UFOs and no moon. I then drove to exit the park and looked in the same area of sky (South, SE and East) and there were no longer any lights. I felt a little bit unsafe at then end, My cell phone was in the car but there was nothing to photograph by that time. mufon cms# 81761 

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