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Latest UFO Sighting Extremely fast moving UFO followed by a flash line of light Manorville New York

I heard thunder outside but it was a beautiful blue sky so I went outside to try and tape it...I had my phone above my head taping and I was not looking through the phone...I was looking at the actual cloud and saw a flash of light first thought was obviously lightning and it ran through my head that was close probably shouldn't be out here as I braced for the thunder which never came and I thought that to be odd considering how close it was...not even a few seconds later did it come so I looked at the phone and noted the time so I could check it later I wondered if I caught it on tape or if the flash I saw was something else.

When I saw the video I was amazed so I put it on the computer and that's when I saw the other Black UFO fly by before the flash of light. Its so fast when I slowed it down on the computer enough to see its actually skipping frames that's FAST! So I put it on my TV and with the volume up...you actually hear the UFO wiz by as well as the light make the same sound! so I'm not sure if the light is an UFO too! I mean you can actually close your eyes and hear it without watching it absolutely Amazing!!! back to back.

I had no idea what I actually caught on tape until I viewed it. I can't imagine most People being about to see that in real time with just the human eye it was too fast...like I said...I saw a flash of light and then doubted it because I heard no thunder and where there is lighting there is thunder. I just feel overwhelmed about what I have on video. In the video the UFO comes from the left at incredible speed and goes slightly up followed by a line of light that goes straight across the screen and appears to also come from the left both make a noise of something swooshing by.....its clearly coming from the objects as they pass by...just amazing! Latest UFO Sighting Extremely fast moving UFO followed by a flash line of light Manorville New York reported MUFON CMS# 78411

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