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Latest UFO Sighting Chattanooga Tennessee

The UFO Sighting was about the size of an airplane and looked like a missile or blimp. It had a bright white light on the front of the craft that was a large wide band that only cover the front of the craft. On the sides and back of the craft were several small white lights and one or two small red lights. It was very still hovering in one place the entire time I saw it. I was driving by it and slowed down to get a good look and rolled down my window to see if I could hear anything. It was completely silent, it did not move. It resembled an airplane in many ways but was not like any airplane I had ever seen. It appeared to have short flat wings from the bottom and the back. The "wings" were much too small to be an airplane. This UFO Sighting was hovering at tree level over a building on the side of this highway. This was a busy highway and there is no way I could have been the only person to witness this. I was able to see it from a far distance on this long straight highway and because I travel this road a lot I knew it was unfamiliar. I watched it the entire time until I got next to it and passed it. It was around 6:50 am and it was still very dark outside. mufon cms# 112543 Chattanooga Tennessee 12/4/20 Region has had 1,557 Reported UF Sighting to date. 

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