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Latest UFO Sighting changing shapes pulsating different colors dropping purple UFOs Valrico FL 1/8/17

Valrico Florida Jan 8 2017 UFO Sighting

I was at home going upstairs to bed around 9:10 pm. I looked out the window at the top of the stairs and saw a bright white light pulsating. I went to my room to get my binoculars. I saw a round disk shape that I was thinking looked like a holographic form because of all the tiny white lights and connecting lines of white. It was hovering over and began changing colors, red, green, white. I yelled for my daughter downstairs. She also viewed the UFO. We then went outside in the front yard. I looked through the binoculars while she was trying to take pictures and record off my phone. The UFO sighting was higher than a plane ( one of our videos has a plane flying underneath the UFO) and was higher than a cloud , but not as high as a star or the moon. We took turns looking. I observed it changing shapes from circle to triangle. It was moving up and down and would also go from side to side. I would see it split and was describing as pie shapes, it would split and then pull back together as a solid circle shape. We watched for about 45 mins and decided to go inside. I continued watching upstairs out the window where I originally saw it. It continued doing the same actions but the shapes were changing into like a fish shape and what seemed like a cylinder shape. The only thing I could see was lights connected by a white line, these are the shapes I am describing. I continued to watch from there until about 10:20 pm. The UFO then zipped further away in the distance toward the south and out of my view. I have a big window facing South and was able to view the UFO from there. It was further away in the distance. I continued to watch the same patterns, but I was able to see a separate white light moving around the bigger circle, this light had even tinier white lights falling down from the sky. I continued to watch till 12 am when it was even further in distance and harder to see with the binoculars.Daughter Cassie’s detailed UFO Sighting description: 
It was about 9 pm on 1/8/2017 I was downstairs watching TV. My mom went upstairs for bed. About 5 min later she’s yelling my name telling me to come upstairs. She said she saw a UFO outside! So I took a look in the binoculars and got focused on what she was looking at! Once I did I saw a holographic diamond shape in the sky! I looked around at all the other bright lights I saw in the sky of course because I was really wasn't believing what I was seeing! Nothing else up there looked like this so We went outside to get a better look! I watched and watched this thing for a good hr.! it was just hovering over one area until it disappeared and went to a new spot about 2 hrs later. While looking at this threw the binoculars I could see it rapidly changing colors. I’m not sure how else to describe it other than the colors just blended together & you could see all of them at one time. It also kept changing shapes. I’m not sure if it was turning and I was just seeing a different side of it or if it was actually changing the shape of its self. I did see something open up from the bottom and a bright ray of purple light came out of the bottom of it! It did not last long though I would say it was there for what felt about a minute then the purple slowly disappeared. When looking at this threw the binoculars I did get a little freaked out & thought something was watching me so I felt I needed to stop looking. When looking at this with your naked eye it was just a really bright light. While recording it on the phone with no flash on it was a bright light that quickly moved from one spot to another without any explanation. I have never seen anything like this before! it was absolutely amazing to see! At one point an airplane flew by and this UFO was above the plane level but below the stars! I later looked up imagines of a satellite & this UFO looked nothing like any satellite! mufon cms# 81421

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