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Latest UFO Sighting Black Cylinder a slight inclination emitting a bright light an disappeared

I were on a beach with my daughter. We had a kite that was fling over my heads. The sky was bright and completely clean (no clouds, airplanes, helicopters and sun on). 

It was in the late morning between 11:30 and 12:00 AM. At a certain point, near the kite, I saw a black UFO in the sky. I think it was 4-5 Kilometer up in the sky. I kept observing the UFO because it was completely stationary. It did not move in any direction. The shape was not clearly visible, but it looked like a cylinder, slightly inclined on its major axis. 

I looked at it about to minutes, when, then, something very strange happened. 

The UFO emitted a bright light, as a flash, but not like a light bulb when it is switched on. The light started from one side of the UFO to go to the opposite side. After the flash, the UFO completely disappeared. I kept looking on the air for some minutes but I did not notice other phenomena. No sound was produced by the UFO. mufon cms # 79229 Silvi Italy 8/24/16

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