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Latest UFO Sighting 7-9 UFOs crossing the sky in a haphazard formation New Paltz New York

UFO Sightings lights 2017

Stepping outside of my home tonight I approached the backyard and peering at the sky saw seven to nine lights moving across the sky in formation. When I sighted the UFOs they were high in the southern sky, they moved northward changing formations changing from a line formation to a V with UFOs weaving in and out of each other and disorganized at times. The light emitted by the UFOs was a gently pulsating white light. As they continued northward I noticed a commercial jet in the distance, appearing to be ahead of the formation. It was then that the UFOs disappeared from sight completely. Around one minute later I sighted another UFO of similar size and appearance cross the sky in the same direction, also disappearing. They were silent. nuforc.org UFO Sighting reported New Paltz NY 3/27/17

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