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Large UFO Sighting travelling east over Belgrade and Bozeman MT

UFO News Today: Last night (Jan 10, 2019) at about 10:40 pm MT, my sister and I were in our driveway and noticed two sets of lights moving together from west to east over Belgrade, MT. My sister commented that two planes shouldn’t be flying that close together. We watched the lights and realized they were moving exactly in tandem, one after the other, about the length of a football field apart. The light in front was a blinking white light, and the lights in the back were blinking in a fast pattern red and white. We assumed this was one plane following the other, but then realized that the area between the two sets of lights was totally blacked out, and as it passed, we could see stars blacked out behind it. It was very dark, and we couldn’t clearly see an outline of an aircraft, but the UFO appeared to be sort of shaped like a long, slim blimp. There was no noise, and the UFO Sighting was moving slower than flights we normally see coming into the airport area of Belgrade for landing. It was also fairly low to the ground, and it continued directly east over Bozeman and continued eastward until we could no longer see the lights. nuforc.org

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