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Large UFO Lands Witness Encounters Luminous Aliens Puerto Rico 41316

Jorge MartMirandas photo.


Jorge MartMirandas UFO photo.


Jorge Martín Miranda's photo.


Testimony of Mr. Ismael Camacho - Large Disk-shaped UFO Craft Lands in the Bombing Range During Bombing Exercises in the Island-Municipality of Vieques, Puerto Rico, Encounter with Luminous Alien Being.

Excerpt from our book 'Vieques: Bombing Range of the Third Kind', by Jorge Martín, journalist and UFO researcher - Puerto Rico

Mr. Ismael Camacho worked for 28 years as a security guard and supervisor at Observation Post #1 in Cerro Matías, the building from which US NAVY officers and Raytheon Corporation personnel checked bombing exercises results in the bombing range located in the east of Vieques.

In addition to his surveillance and security functions, he was in charge of monitoring the telephone communications during the bombing exercises by US NAVY airmen and/or ships. But he was also witness to many strange events that occurred at the site.

“I was working one night during the summer of 1981 or 1982” -he said to us during an interview we made pertaining to the UFO/Alien situation in that Puerto Rico Island-Municipality- “while some bombing exercises were taking place in the Navy’s bombing area. "It was around 10:30 at night. I was there with other guards and several officers from the US NAVY. My job was to monitor the telephone communications and help the Navy officers. “Regularly, there are two officers from the U.S. Navy present during the exercises, a captain and a lieutenant. "Some people from Raytheon Corporation are also there, as they coordinate the radar system services. Some guards are present, as well as some civilians who work for the US NAVY. “Several Navy jets were bombing at the range that night, and a bright light suddenly appeared high in the sky right over Anones Lagoon.

"It was really huge, and circular in shape UFO with many lights of different colors all around its rim. It was completely silent. "A bright beam of blue light came out from its underside and extended downward in a column of light to the lagoon.

"The presence of that UFO, totally unexpected, surprised us. It had many windows all around its middle section with a series of lights of different colors: yellow, blue and reddish tones were visible, rotating around inside of them. “There were some lights that were bright green which stood out more than the others. The UFO was something like a saucer, with a really bright silver-green dome on its top.

“As it continued to descend, the Navy officers suspended operations. The jets remained flying over the area, circling it, apparently watching over the situation. The UFO craft came down and suspended itself over the water’s surface in Anones Lagoon. “We watched it for a full half hour. At 11:00 p.m. the UFO craft’s bigger and brighter lights turned off, leaving only the smaller colored lights on, still rotating around it.

"Just then, the US NAVY officers ordered us to stop working, sign our cards and leave. We were told to go to our homes and were warned not to tell anyone what we saw there that night. They said was TOP SECRET, a classified matter. They also ordered the jets to leave and go back to the carrier they came from. But it was really strange that the NAVY officers did not issue any request for backup from the carrier or from Roosevelt Roads Naval Station to investigate this unusual intruder.

“At other occasions, whenever there was an intruder in the zone, an alert would be issued and jet fighters would scramble to investigate the intruder and intercept it. That was a basic security procedure we had observed many times. "In addition, the NAVY officers remained calm. On account of this behavior we realized that they seemed to know who that craft belonged to, or they had some sort of communication with whoever was controlling it.

“The UFO landed at the right ride of Anones Lagoon, which is located in the center of the bombing site. As it was dark and we were in Cerro Matías, about two miles away, we could not see if there was anyone inside the craft or outside of it. "We did not have binoculars with us, and the NAVY personnel did not allow us to go up into the building to have a better look. “As a matter of fact, the only ones who had binoculars with them, infrared goggle type, were the NAVY officers. Therefore, if there was anyone down there, they must have seen them. "We were not allowed to use infrared goggles in that area, something they never gave us a reason for. All this makes me wonder if they already knew these things were happening there. “The one thing we are sure of is that the UFO was enormous. We were at a distance of about two miles from it, and even at that distance it looked to be about 30 to 40 feet wide; therefore, it had to be really big. That surprised me, the size of that UFO. “We do not know if the NAVY officers went down to the UFO because we were not allowed to stay or to go down to the lagoon.

"When we returned to work the next day, the craft was no longer there.

“We wanted to go and have a look around where it had landed, but were prohibited from doing so by high level officers from the NAVY. Obviously, none of us did go down to the lagoon because to do so would mean getting a severe reprimand and the possibility of losing our jobs. "Nobody asked anything pertaining to the incident because the NAVY does not like those who talk too much or ask many questions. “In the papers we signed when we began working at the facility, there were some clauses that stated we could not talk about anything we saw during our working hours. "If you asked too many questions, they would harass you and eventually you would be fired. So, we kept anything we saw to ourselves. We would discuss what we saw only among ourselves when the NAVY officers were not present.” Mr. Camacho added that he was in Cerro Matías one morning with a fellow worker, the father of the then mayor of Vieques, Honorable Dámasco Serrano, and they both saw an unusual object moving very fast in the sea. Intrigued, they boarded a vehicle and went to the area of La Yayí Cay as fast as they could, and once there they observed the intruder from a high location.

“It was something we could not identify - he said -, something moving very fast on the sea's surface. It was not a boat or a submarine, nothing that we could recognize.

"It looked transparent, as if it were made out of a translucent or crystalline material. It made no noise. We could not see any crew inside it, and it left no trail behind. It shot away to the east at high speed. “We can’t dismiss the possibility that it could have been a secret prototype of sea craft from the US Navy or some sort of new weapon being tested. Perhaps, even a stealth type ship. But it didn’t really seem to be any of those. It was something I still can’t explain.” One morning at 9:00 a.m Camacho was driving a truck with a water tank down from Cerro Matías, going to Camp García to fill the tank and return to Cerro Matías.

At a place known as Cerro Tamarindo, something crossed in front of the truck with great speed. “It had a humanoid shape, a semi-luminous figure five to six feet tall. It had a head, arms and legs. It crossed very fast from right to left and entered some bushes.

"But it was weird; you could see it moving very fast in a broken sequence, something similar to when you see movement affected by a strobe light...that type of effect. When I saw that, I left the area right away because I wasn’t sure what I was facing there.

“Once back in Camp García, I filled the truck’s water tank and returned to Cerro Matías.

"On the way back I stopped where I had seen the fast moving figure and looked around. I found a wide area of bushes crushed down in a circular fashion by something that must have been very heavy. “There were no tracks going into the circle or out from it. So, whatever squashed the bushes must have come from above. "Who knows? Maybe that thing, that Alien creature was examining the area and I surprised it with my truck. The circle in the flattened bushes could have been made by its UFO.

“I took the water to Cerro Matías and returned later to the site with a co-worker, a guard named Pablo Delerme. We checked the circle, but couldn’t find anything else.”

Mr. Ismael Camacho, a Gulf War veteran, told us that on several occasions he and other fellow guards observed “...big globes of bright, white light which came down from the sky and landed in Puerto Diablo lagoon.” They saw this from their position up in the Observation Post #1. The globes of light remained visible for a period of half an hour to a full hour, increasing in size, then growing smaller and stretching themselves out.

“It was something very weird to see! - he said -. Sometimes they seemed to come out from the lagoon itself, and at other times they came down from the sky and stopped right over the lagoon. The US NAVY personnel kept telling us that we should not watch those things, that they had to do with some laser beam experiments they were performing in the area. But it was obvious to all of us that what they told us was not true. “I think - he finally stated- that we observed UFOs and Alien beings of extraterrestrial origin, and that the U.S. Department of Defense, the C.I.A., and the Governments of both the United States and Puerto Rico are aware of what is going on here.

“The technology of those UFOs we saw there is much too advanced, and I don’t think the United States or any other country on Earth has anything to compare with it.”

Picture 1: Mr. Ismael Camacho (left) explains to journalist Jorge Martín (right) his sighting of the large flying saucer type craft at the US NAVY bombing range in the island-municipality of Vieques, Puerto Rico.

Picture 2: Witness Camacho points to the site in which he and his fellow guards and US NAVY officers saw the large sized flying saucer-shaped UFO in Laguna Anones.

Picture 3: Mr. Camacho illustrated the UFO they observed over Laguna Anones, in Vieques.  Credit Jorge Martin Miranda

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