Large UFO Fully Lit Up Traveling Fast Lincoln CA

At approximately 2:30 am I was walking my dog in a westerly direction. I saw the largest UFO I've ever seen in the night sky based upon the outline of the lights. It wasn't a group of lights, but rather appeared as if the entire UFO was illuminated with a lime green glowing light. I am no expert of any sort on aircraft, but am more than 70 years of age and spent 2 tours in Vietnam. I've seen a lot of aircraft in the sky. Never anything this large or this fast. I believe any sort of military or commercial aircraft next to the one I witnessed would look small in comparison. Thank you for you time. I am very interested in knowing if anyone else in the area witnessed the same thing and if so their input. mufon cms# 115219 Lincoln California 5/6/21 This Region Has Had 11,466 MUFON Reported UFO Sightings to Date. Click Here If Interested in Reading More Updated UFO News & More 

Green UFO Flying Saucer

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