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Large UFO connected to smaller UFO below it by beams over Nashville TN.

I was driving north on I-65 about 40 miles south of Nashville on May 3 2017. I was coming to the area just north of the 840 exit where the lanes widen for the HOV lanes,at approx 10:30 am, on May 3rd. While talking to my son on the phone I noticed a large UFO in the north west sky which appeared to be metal. It had some sort of streamers to a smaller UFO under it, It was a clear blue sky, and the UFO Sighting appeared several miles away. The UFO caught my eye when the sun was reflected off it. It looked like it was headed east, but was in a slow turn to the left (north). That's when the reflection of the sun caught my attention. I watched it make a complete left turn, then it just totally disappeared! It was as if it just moved into a different dimension! I know it absolutely was not a plane because it was too large, plus the UFO below it. I have seen planes in the area before, so I know of what I speak. There was fairly heavy traffic, and I know several other people had to have witnessed it because it was a clear sky. Nashville TN May 3 2017 UFO Sighting reported to mufon cms# 83521

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