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Large Tube Shaped UFO Hovering

above HE Thomas Parkway and 46A. At about 12:30 AM on April 18th, 2020 (last night), I saw what at first looked like lights from a plane very low at H.E. Thomas Parkway and 46A just near and above the 7-11. Then I realized it was hovering. There was nobody on the road so I slowed down and stopped for a quick second to look up at it a little closer. It was a quick look so I will describe just what I saw as I saw it.

When I looked at it, I thought I saw a shape similar to a fuselage of a plane but the way it hovered was not like that. I am not totally sure what the full shape was because it was covered by a thin veil of clouds. Because I first thought it was a plane/tube shape, I marked Cigar but again, it was cloudy and it could have had more characteristics than that. The UFO was either fairly close to the ground or very large. There were different white and red lights on the object.

The UFO Sighting hovered just above some very low lying clouds for the duration that I drove past the area (Maybe a minute or two). It looked too large to be any drone I have seen before.

I was googling UFO sightings in the area to see if I was completely crazy and came across a video posted from the same are in February with very similar looking lights hovering in the same area. Lake Mary FL. 4/18/20

Here is a link to Lake Mary UFO Video that looks similar.

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