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Large Dark Triangular UFO hovered over our house Arizona 2016

Black Triangle UFO Sighting reported 7-14-17 Surprise Az

UFO Sighting occurred over Surprise Arizona. My name is David C. Sitzman and I testify this account is true and accurate. No drug use or alcohol plays any part of this instance. On the night of July 14th, 2016 around 11:45 pm I was tossing garbage out, then decided to lookup at a beautifully star-lit clear night before turning in. While cranking my neck straight up to view the stars a sudden ripple-like clear wave happened and instantly a Huge Dark Triangular UFO craft then appeared. I watched with stunned amazement as this UFO Sighting Being about 3 house sizes big hovered about 800 feet or so over me standing in place then after about a minute or two it lurched forward to hover over my neighbors house. After a minute or two more it then very suddenly shot away due West.

The most curious factors of this event were that: It seemed as if this UFO suddenly came out of a warp, thus producing this tear or rip in the clear night sky. And when the UFO 1st appeared it blocked out a number of the stars I had been looking at so I knew it was something physical. Put off no noise at all. Appeared to be the same triangular shape as the Atari Asteroids craft with a slight scoop at the bottom. Each of the 3 corners of the UFO had a very bright white light. No beams or anything like that. Watching this UFO it shot out of sight at such incredible speed holds true to just about every other UFO Sighting I have watched on History channels " Ancient Aliens " shows.Unless Luke AFB has gotten their hands on something big none of our military craft can maneuver at such high speeds with no sound.

I did not feel frightened at all but more intent on mentally capturing everything going on at that time. I was terribly excited afterward but felt unsure about reporting it immediately. mufon cms# 89682

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