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John Lennon's New York UFO Sighting Encounter

UFO had white lights, just looked like light bulbs, y'know? Just going off on off on off on blink blink blink blink 'round the bottom and on top was a red light!" 1974.
John Lennon's Interview Follows: I was in New York in an apartment and I was just standing by the roof and I looked left and there was this thing about 100 yards away I could have hit it with a stone if I threw it and it was reading I could have even seen you without my glasses. I'm very short sighted and I was looking at it and thinking what is it. What is it you know it is a helicopter no it's making no noise is it a balloon you know is it the blimp because to show these lights around the bottom of it flashing on and off it didn't say American Airlines on it didn't make a noise and you know one part of me all the time is then thought to us oh you know some part of you doesn't want to believe it you know did you did you go to the authorities with that information well I didn't because you know Lenin see UFO me nothing up to get me kicked out I suppose get off the album at one time I said put it off a I'm gonna get people with weird looking eyes coming up to me saying I've come from the door I store it you know I don't care Wiley but he says there it was and nobody can explain what it was to me so it's I say is a UFO, amazing this is in California no this is in New York I mean it was it was like you know suddenly have been in a higher building they would have looked down on it did you talk to anybody else that said they I got a friend to call the police and call the newspapers the next day to check if anybody else has seen anything and a couple of people had rung in and seen something in the same area at the same time as me people in New York is sometimes oblivious to reality you know things could be happening around them and they wouldn't even notice it you know really you know it's just that you know I would never have noticed if I hadn't happened to look out you know I looked around me and nobody else was looking out of windows or anything the cars were going on because it's quiet very low it's not the expected to the Martin in the sky it was below honey UFO Sighting was just coasting around very quietly like a tourist you know over here up there I saw a UFO and it went down the river turn right at the United Nations turn left and then down the river it wasn't a helicopter it wasn't a balloon and it was so near they look what sort of run why just license and silent silence and it looked dark like black or gray in the middle and had white lights just looked like light bulbs you know just going off on off on off on blink-blink blink-blink round the bottom and on top was a red light. 

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