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Japanese UFO magazine Now Online

UFO News Today: Finding material about "UFOs" from Japan online (particularly material in English) has previously been, well, difficult.

With help from a researcher in Japan, Isaac Koi now obtained permission from the head of the Japan Space Phenomena Society (Shinichiro Namiki) to upload their "UFO Information" magazine, from Kiyoshi Amamiya to upload the "UFO Researcher" magazine and from Junji Numakawa to upload his "UFO Criticism" newsletter. I've also obtained permissions in relation to other magazines, currently being scanned.

The AFU in Sweden has scanned numerous issues of these Japanese publications.

"UFO Criticism" is almost entirely in English, with issues of the other two magazines containing various amounts of material in English.

(Basically, the more recent the issue of those publications, the more material appears to be in English).

A lot more material from Japan will be online very soon (and I've also just started working with Thiago Luiz Ticchetti in relation to material from Brazil...). Oh, and a _large_ upload of UFO documents from the USA should be ready soon.

Japanese UFO magazine

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