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Infra-red security camera 2 disk shaped UFOs

hovering, visible only on camera, fast movers, 3600 mph, went toward military base. I recently purchased a home security system due to criminal activity being perpetrated by the squatters next door. This security system is an "Reo-Link," equipped with infra-red capabilities. At approximately 9:20pm, the criminals arrived home & began unloading objects from the car, to the house.

At approximately 21:29, I noticed a very large bright light signature on my infra-red monitor (Smartphone, see attached security camera photo.) This light on the monitor was NOT blinking, like most normal airplanes & helicopters. It was shaped like a disc & had a protrusion on top. (It resembled a lid on a cooking pot, complete with the knob handle.) It was a full moon that night, not a cloud in the sky & stars, too many to count. It was quite clear that night. The skies were very busy with Homeland Security airplanes. I believe they're the aircraft's that have that quick blink Police car Mars lights. I counted 6 planes in the eastern skies, before the UFO manifested itself from thin air.

I watched this non blinking UFO for a couple minutes & decided to step outside to look at this object with my own eyes. I took my Smartphone/monitor with me. I stepped out onto my northern/front porch, looked toward the eastern sky & could NOT locate the bright object, all I could see were distant flashing DHS Flashing airplane lights, however, when I looked at my Smartphone/monitor, IT WAS THERE, CLEAR AS DAY & large, bright, silent & stationary!!! I did a double take! Again, I looked into the eastern sky with my naked eyes & saw nothing but distant blinking DHS airplane lights, then I once again looked at my Smartphone & there it still was, just silently floating there, huge & bright!!! I ran inside & informed the Mrs. that the object was INVISIBLE! I left the monitor on the table where she was sitting & this time, I ran to the other porch, on the eastern side of my house. Again, the large bright, glowing object was not there. I ran back in the house & the object was still on my infra-red monitor, silently hovering in place & stationary. Again, I exclaimed to the Mrs., "THAT THING IS INVISIBLE!" She decided she wanted to take a look for herself & just as she got up to go to the eastern porch, we noticed on my infra-red monitor, another object suddenly turned as bright as the first one & it was right next to the original object!! I would estimate that these objects were over or near the "T&K Cattle Farm" on route 84 & Miller Road, 2.5 miles from my home.

The two objects then proceeded to fly directly west in our general direction & covered 2 miles in about 3 seconds & they stopped on a dime, very close to the twin mountains near my house! There they remained, silent, no noise whatsoever, hovering, bright & bigger than before due to proximity. This was observed by me & the Mrs. on my Smartphone in infra-red mode. The UFOs stayed stationary for about 3 or 4 seconds, then they flew off at a high rate of speed toward the southwest, in the direction of the Barry Goldwater Military Firing Range.

We concluded that either our military has an amazing technology that enables an aircraft to travel over 3600 m.p.h., silent & cloaked, invisible to the naked eye OR it was NOT one of ours, from this dimension. I know that sounds crazy, but I know what we saw! It was a one in a million chance encounter. Had I not recently purchased my new Security System, this episode never would have occurred. Source nuforc UFO Sighting occurred on April.7th 2020 No Video or Photo's Available 

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