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Incredible Shrinking UFO Abductee Video

UFOs appear to represent a very advanced technology. The extraterrestrial craft can move at dazzling speeds, turn at right angles, change into various shapes and even turn invisible. Another incredible talent of UFOs and extraterrestrials is their miraculous ability to change their size. They can make not only make themselves and their ships large or small, but they can also do this to human beings. This video features twenty UFO cases in which extraterrestrials display their seemingly magical technology, causing bizarre spatial anomalies of many kinds. UFOs that are bigger on the inside than the outside, miniature UFOs with tiny aliens, people who are struck by mysterious UFO beams of light that cause them to shrink or grow in size -- something very strange is happening here. The ETs' ability to manipulate space and time is undeniable. As these cases show, extraterrestrials have a technology that allows them to do things that are boggle the imagination. It's important that people know how truly advanced these beings are.

gray alien

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