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I have been having 4 to 5 UFO Sightings every night since 2/24/17 Kingston TN

Knoxville TN UFO Sighting Eyewitness report

I arrived in Knoxville on Feb. 24, 2017 and was staying at my family home in a rural area. The UFO Sightings started appearing between 11:30 pm and midnight. When I began to see their lights, I would flash my Torch Flashlight at them and they would start moving around. Sometimes they would slowly approach me. They are 30-40 feet wide and about 75 feet long, with portholes and lights in the front. The attached photo was taken on 3/22/17 at midnight. It is behind some trees and is about 75 yards away and 100 feet off the ground. If you enlarge the photo you can see the structure. Originally, the UFO's started appearing on Nov. 10, 2016 at my hunting camp near Grantsburg, WI. They have been following me since then. They have followed me to my home in MN. Earlier in February, I attended a UFO Conference in Arizona and the UFO Sightings appeared there. Now they have followed me from MN to Knoxville. There has also been at least two confirmed abductions during this time frame. mufon cms# 82909

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