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Huge UFO right over vehicle and missing time Montana 1969

Saucer Shaped UFO Montana 1969

UFO News Daily: As reported to ASD in person by the witness, who is retired military, who wishes to remain anonymous and would not provide a phone number so I used mine. The witness and his three young children ages 13, 11 and 6 were on vacation in Sunrise Beach, MO in approximately 1969 (exact date unknown) in July. The witness took his children to a local motel and then to some kind of event. Upon arrival at the motel, which is no longer there, they were given a key to a room at the end of the building which was a one-story building. The family noticed that there was a group of people in the picnic area and children on the swings. The people were all dressed in 1900's clothing and they were not speaking or making any noise at all. This family looked over at the witness and his kids, just staring at them, which made the witness nervous. There was also a man sitting in a chair right next to the door of the witness's motel room, which the witness found odd. They said hello, but the man ignored them. A couple of hours later they left the motel to go to the event, and all of the people were gone. He stopped in the office and asked who the people were and the clerk said that no one else was staying there at the time and there shouldn't have been anyone else on the site. The witness and his three kids then left for dinner and the event, which I believe was a rodeo. They drove back to the motel late at 10:30 pm at night, and as they drove along noticed a UFO hovering on the side of the road, the UFO then moved very slowly over their vehicle. The witness did not intend to stop the car as he was afraid, but the car stopped on its own. The UFO, which was a dark metallic gray color and a disk shape approximately 60' in diameter, had white and red lights on the bottom of it. The red light shined a beam inside the vehicle, lighting up the interior of the car with a red glow. The boys were yelling, yet the youngest child, a girl, did not wake up the entire time. Then the oldest boy stuck his head outside the window to look up at the UFO and got a good look at it. The UFO then moved on very slowly and out of sight at the tree line. The witness said that the UFO was only about 20-30 feet above their car and it had no noise. He thought they had missing time as well. When they returned to the motel room they all went to sleep and slept through to the next evening. When they woke up they were all disoriented and did not immediately remember the incident, but they gradually did remember it over the next couple of hours and it concerned all of them. No photos were taken. I am reporting this now because it should be on record. MUFON CMS# 78043

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