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Huge Bright UFO Light above Clouds moving S/E shining down Sighting

UFO Sighting occurred on October 30th, 2017 at approximately 0215 hours I was in bed at home located in Bend Oregon. The sky was filled with heavy cloud cover. My bedroom window overlooks a meadow with no obstructions facing N/W. Looking out the window I noticed an extremely bright light outside shining down through the clouds. Initially I thought it was a bright full moon before I realized the light was moving S/E. A circular bright white light projected down from something above causing the clouds to glow but so powerful the beam passed through the clouds. The UFO made no sound what so ever. The beam of light was visible to me for approximately 25/30 seconds before moving out of my view. I would estimate that the UFO was moving s/e over highway 20 between Bend and Burns Oregon. I yelled to my wife and told her I thought I saw a UFO. She stated that an aircraft followed shortly right behind the UFO Sighting. I contacted the local news which is channel 21 KTVZ and was informed they had no reports of lights of UFOs. mufon cms# 87790

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