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Hudson Valley UFO Sightings 1982-1986

UFO Sighting News: On 21 November 1985, the hotline set up by J. Allen Hynek and others to receive information on the Hudson Valley Boomerang sightings began again to receive local reports. At 8:00 PM a woman from Peekskill reported she had just seen a large, circular object with colored lights drifting slowly to the south. The hotline received additional reports down through Yorktown until 8:30 PM. Then at 9:00 PM reports started coming in from Greenwich and Port Chester. Between 9:00 and 10:00 P.M many people saw the UFO in this area, and Greenwich radio station W.G.C.H was swamped with calls. Bill Cappoci photographed the UFO Sighting on that night in Port Chester as it hovered silently near the full moon.This marked the first time the UFO Sighting had been reported so far south in Westchester and Fairfield counties. The FAA claimed there was a conventional explanation, telling the local media that the sightings were caused by helicopters, but none of the twenty-five witnesses interviewed reported hearing any sound. Most of the reports we received from that night indicate the UFO Sighting was circular in shape and displayed, for the most part, blue and white lights. This imagery should immediately confirm the understanding of UFO Disclosure content that had been seeded into our cultural literacy four years prior. credit Thomas Owens.

Hudson Valley Disk UFO Sightings 1982-1986

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