Hovering UFO Sighting moved very quite & fast Prestonsburg KY

Disk Shape UFO Sighting reported Prestonsburg KY 4/14/18

UFO Sighting occurred on April 14,2018 Prestonsburg KY. My son called me as I was coming home at approximately 10 pm eastern time. It was very dark and cloudy, Stars where not visible. My son was very distraught, yelling that he had seen something and I needed to get home. I informed him that I was coming up the driveway and hung up the phone. When my husband and I got out of the vehicle my son told me that he had saw something and for us to hurry and get in the house. This is the description he gave me. “ I had walked up the hill to dad's building, I thought I heard a bee buzzing over my head, I looked up and saw a round UFO with 6 lights I think hovering about 6 feet over the trees. UFO may have been moving really slow, then all of a sudden, it took off extremely fast. This UFO was gone in the blink of an eye.” My son was very shook up, he is 16 and a very reasonable kid. He was shaking and scared for his little brothers safety who was down the hill in our house. He said he just ran to the house and turned the lights off to not attract attention. He says this UFO Sighting was approximately 80 foot off the ground, hovering or moving extremely slow over a building on our property, he was under a porch on that building and when he walked out from under this UFO it shot off within 4-5 seconds. source nuforc.org

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