Hovering Triangular shaped UFO Sighting reported 11/7/17 Park Hills MO

Park Hills MO Triangle shaped UFO Sighting reported 11_7_17

UFO Sighting occurred on 11/7/17 over Park Hills MO: My husband was leaving our home for some evening errands. He sighted the UFO hovering over neighbor's yard. When he got back about 30 minutes later the UFO Sighting was still in the same spot. He quickly came in the house and told me to come outside and look at the sky. When I walked into the back yard I saw a UFO with red and white lights hovering. I immediately said, "It's a drone babe." He said, "No it's not. It's too big to be a drone." We watched it for a couple of minutes then it began to move toward us. As it flew over our heads, we could tell it had three red and white lights, one in each corner. It was making a sound unlike a helicopter or jet. It sounded more like an 18 wheeler truck. UFO Sighting was moving slowly at first then faster while raising in altitude. After the UFO passed us, UFO Sighting seemed to disappear or the lights went out or something. source nuforc.org

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