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Hovering Metallic Sphere UFO Reported

Driving northwest on route 40 through Ellicott City, Maryland approaching the interchange with interstate 70 at 5:06 pm. both myself and my passenger noticed a Hovering Sphere Shaped UFO Sighting directly above and ahead of us. The sphere was steadily hovering in place and seemed to be shining brightly like a smooth metallic object reflecting the sun. We both noted the object as a UFO after it seemed to disappear from unobstructed view, only to appear again in the same location a few moments later. While observing the UFO we noted the following: - the object seemed to shining with a red tinge not unlike mars or a reddish star, though much much brighter as it was still daytime during the sighting - the UFO Sighting appeared to be a spherical and made of a chrome metallic when it was not inexplicably disappearing from direct view. The UFO Sighting vanished and reappeared 3 times during the sighting. The UFO Sighting remained hovering in place until we lost sight of it merging on to interstate 70. mufon cms# 113361 Ellicott City Maryland 01/23/21

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