Hovering and moving UFO Sighting over South Beach Miami

Hovering and moving UFO Sighting over South Beach, Miami

I was at South Beach Miami at the time of the event around 8:30 pm June 5th 2018. I was laying on my beach towel looking up at the sky when I saw an UFO moving in a strange way. At first I thought it may be a plane because I was close to the airport, but it was not moving like a plane. It would hover, and then slowly move in any direction, sometimes in a circular type way. It was too far away to really tell the shape of the UFO. At first glance you would think it was a bright star. There was also a smaller and dimmer UFO near it that also appeared to be moving and hovering. 

I watched them for two hours hoping I would catch it fly away into night sky or something to affirm my suspicion. There were a couple times the UFO Sighting moved quite fast, but for a short distance. A little after 10:30 pm I had to leave because the cops were shooing people off the beach (it closes at 10). I started packing my things and I looked back up at the sky and the UFO was gone. I started walking toward the city and I saw the two UFOs moving toward the city as well at a fairly decent speed. I continued to follow the UFOs until they stopped to continue hovering. I had to leave because my phone was almost dead. I was able to catch a little video, but it is pretty bad quality. The UFO Sighting Duration was 2 hours. nuforc.org

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