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Group of UFOs Reported Hovering over Maricopa Arizona

I was car camping at the lava trail head, north end in the table top mountain wilderness, Sonoran desert national monument. Went to sleep after dark, about 8pm, and woke up approximately 10pm to go out to use the facilities. I had just arrived a few hours earlier and went for a short hike before sunset. I used my headlight to get out of the car and as soon as I shut it off a Large Circular UFO light started glowing, like on a dimmer switch to my South/South/West. When I turned to look at it, it became very bright.

I knew it wasn't a plane or helicopter in a few seconds. appeared to be 8-12 miles away and maybe 3000 to 5000 feet off the ground. It was dead calm, quiet, clear and about 55f. after a few seconds at least 4 more UFOs lit up and stayed bright for a few seconds, then seemed to communicate with an excited pattern of lights on and off with each other, then all went dark. A few seconds later a very large UFO lit up 5 lights in a row that were rectangular in shape, one at a time, equal distance apart, equal shape and brightness at equal time between each lighting. I knew at that point this was probably not from here, it appeared to be a half mile wide at a minimum.

All 5 lights remained bright for a few seconds then all 5 dimmed to black together at the same time. a few seconds after one of the circular UFO blinked on and off once rapidly and then another one across the valley to the west 8 to 10 miles, did the same in response. After a few minutes of nothing more happening I made a break to find my 10x Swarovski binoculars to see if I could see anything, but no luck. While I was standing outside searching the sky and waiting for something else to happen, within 5 minutes what appeared to be 4 military aircraft with 3 very bright white lights each blinking flew from the east to west, south of table top mountain where the group of UFOs had been, then on towards the single object across the valley to the west. They didn't have any blue or red lights like commercial or private planes and weren't in formation but seemed to be each taking their own course somewhat. Not sure if this was a coincidence or if they were trying to intercept or drive off the objects. it appeared the main group of UFOs had been hovering over the Tohono O'odham Nation Land, over the south end of the Vekol valley. mufon cms# 114372 Maricopa Arizona 3/16/21

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