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Green UFO Sighting had a blue pulse

I work as a engineer on a survey vessel and around the 28th of august 2008, I was doing my normal routine checks coming out of the engine room door I looked up at the exhaust stacks just to see the smoke coming for our engines when I noticed what appeared to be a thin straight white line, at first I thought it was a piece of fishing line caught on the mast but when I walked around to the other side of the boat I seen it was coming off our boat, it was at that moment I noticed the line was some kind of beam of light coming from a green ball of light. The green UFO Sighting had a blue pulse where the light beam was coming out. Just then the pulse and beam stopped but the green UFO/light was still there. I would say about a mile away at a 45 degree angle on our starboard side. We were traveling north and the light just seemed to be doing the same speed as the boat, about 8 knots. I was frozen for what seemed like a longtime when I finally said to myself  tell someone. I ran to the wheelhouse informed the captain and we both watched the UFO craft with binoculars . As soon as we started watching it with the binoculars I could make out that in the green ball was some kind of structure, like it was darker in the middle. The UFO Sighting then started heading south and started to slowly drift higher in the sky until it disappeared into the clouds. Needless to say the captain was not a UFO guy but he became a believer that night. I would like to add the the beam of light it was emitting was like a thin dull white laser that was not pointed to the ground that I could tell, it was pointed across the sky in a south west direction. Also I was the only one to see the laser and as soon as I noticed it coming from the green light UFO, it shut off, at the time and today I felt it shut off because I noticed the UFO. MUFON CMS# 106597 Rehoboth Beach Delware 8/28/08 Region has had 193 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

green orange UFO saucer

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