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Green Orb with spiraling lines photo

For a week prior to this UFO Sighting what first appeared to be a satellite was being seen in the same general area (south southwest) at roughly the same general time (10:00pm-10:30 pm). The sighting was silvery white and looked like a star, though it was was much closer and brighter. The initial thought was that this UFO Sighting was either a satellite in low orbit or perhaps even a planet in an unusual position (as they sometimes appear like a star). However around 10:00 pm on Thursday evening, my wife was in our front yard and called out to me that there was a UFO. I exited our home and joined her in the front yard. Initially, we could not see the UFO well because of the foliage from our pine tree's. We stood next to a state highway and I had my cellphone camera rolling. I tried to balance the phone on top of our mailbox to steady the shot. What we ended up with were 5 (1:00) videos of the UFO Sighting in its Silver-White form. 2(1:0o) videos of it green and pulsing. And a single (1:00) video of the UFO seeming to stretch and expand outward and reveal spirals within its folds. Video not available  MUFON CMS# 107375 Brinkley Arkansas 3/26/20 This Region has had 723 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

round green colored orb

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