Gray Cylinder UFO reported Oakdale PA

Gray Cylinder UFO with dim red and white lights vanished from sight. Driving northbound on I-79 just past the Bridgeville on-ramp. It was still light out and visibility was good. Looking to my left above the distant tree line I saw what I thought was a large airplane flying pretty low in the distance. There were gray clouds behind the UFO Sighting. Something didn’t seem right so I did a double take. I glanced back at the road for a split second and then back at the flying object. I was driving 65 mph in light traffic. This time it looked to be closer and hovering what looked to be a couple of hundred feet above the trees that were about a half-mile away. This time my first thought was that it was a large helicopter as it was hovering, but it could not have been as it was 3 times larger than the biggest helicopter and was a symmetrical cylinder shape. I got a good look for about 3 seconds. The unconventional aircraft was dark gray with a dim white light on the left and a dim red light on the right. There may have been other dimmer lights in the middle. It was perfectly smooth around the perimeter. Top outline was parallel to the bottom and the left and right were perfect half circles. I glanced back at the road and then back to the UFO and it had disappeared. I scanned the horizon and it was gone. I immediately got the chills, and goosebumps and got choked up due to what I has just witnessed. Gray Cylinder UFO Sighting reported Oakdale  PA occurred on Jan 29th 2020 credit NUFORC.

gray cylinder UFO reported Oakdale PA 2020

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