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Government Agencies seek UFO Reports

1. Volunteer Flight Officer Network (VFON) run by Herb Roth, United Airlines as a network to collect re-entry data for various govt and private entities. Roth was also chairman of the NICAP subcommittee. Actually, VFON was a NICAP front organization to obtain UFO reports from aircrews.

2. State Department requested a meeting with NICAP for two Argentine TV producers. The State Dept rep translated for the producers who were really Argentine Air Force Intelligence officers seeking advice and cooperation with NICAP in setting up a UFO investigation in Argentina and exchange of information.

3. Robert Gribble and later Davenport, National UFO Reporting Network got data from active duty military, FAA and even real time cases. FAA referred pilots.

4. NICAP & the CIA. CIA visited NICAP twice. The first time to buy copies of the UFO Evidence. Berliner and Hall were amused as these guys fooled no one. (Just like the earlier visit to Dr. Leon Davidson recounted by Gerald Haines. Davidson recognized his visitor as a CIA agent.) Later the CIA visited NICAP and stated they wanted to get Richard Hall a security clearance so sensation information could be discussed. They were given some info. NICAP policy at the time was that files were opened except a few item keep confidential because of witnesses' positions. The security clearance was never issued. No more contacts took place.

5. Thomas Olson, Reference of Outstanding UFO Cases written with the cooperation and advise of PBB chief.

6. Bloecher allowed to visit PBB to read 1947 cases in files.

7. Various post PBB UFO cases submitted by govt entities to NICAP and CUFOS.

8. Air Force, NASA, Navy, FAA, Weather Bureau answered NICAP or helped determined if there activities were responsible for UFO reports.

9. NICAP allowed the NICAP/CSI-NY scrapbook to be microfilmed for the Library of Congress under an AF contract.

10. Leonard Stringfield recruited by Air Defense Command to report UFO to Air Force Filter Center. Credit Jan Aldrich.

CIA inspects crashed UFO Saucer

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