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Glowing UFO Sighting that seemed to follow me

Noticed a Bright glowing UFO hovering just above the tree lines. no sound. there were planes in the area that were flying higher than the UFO Sighting and were easily distinguishable as planes. As I got home and from my backyard I could see the UFO Sighting hovering in the distance  just far enough away where I couldn't get a close up video of it. Didn't think anything of it but I had to go back out to the store which is couple blocks over. As I drove to the store this UFO seemed to be following me. Again thought I was crazy. Finished shopping and when I go out it was still there. I drove home but took a little longer of a route, as I drove it stayed right with me out side my driver window. I was traveling about 45-50 mph. I turned into the driveway and again it followed my path. I pulled in the garage and went back outside to see if it was there. again I could see it hovering pretty much in line with my house. I had enough. I went inside and randomly checked if it was there it remained there for about 30 min after everything happened. let the dogs out a little later and did not see the UFO anywhere. Lake Orion MI 2/20/20  NUFORC UFO Sighting Report

Glowing UFO Sighting from car

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