Glowing Ball UFO Abduction 1957

I was walking on the road, to visit a friend and I only had one hour to be there. I was almost halfway, when I spotted a glowing ball coming at me from left. At 11 years old you did not have any way of being to late for dinner. But this glowing ball stopped in front of me,making me stop.And I did not try anything, it looked like it could burned me, looking like a sun.It was hovering about one meter up in front of me. almost making me do as they wasn't me to do, but I wasn't sure of what. It than disappeared and stood in one meter from me on my back. I still had some time, so I took one step,and from there I remember only small parts of what it wanted me to know, it seemed. I was looking at stars running against me, as if I had a car or a plane going very fast during night. But I remember being several places around the world too. I suddenly was back where it took me from. I was not looking at the time, but my friend said I had to run back, because my mother has called for me. Being 4 hours late, I finely got some food but the strangest thing, was that there was 2 persons from the Air Force talking English and asked me what happened. That was 3-4 days later. that's my story, finely told to anyone else.And,not possible to get the date right. Date was like 21/08 1957. MUFON CMS# 105323 location of UFO Sighting was Alesund Norway.

Glowing White Orb

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