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Gigantic V shaped UFO Sighting over Bucharest in thermal spectrum

This is the third attempt to film a Disc Shaped UFO Sighting which I saw without having a recorder installed. I was surprised that I got something different. The UFO could be seen only after the heated water vapors from clouds left from some process used in flying technology. By the way, there was no giant plane flying over me that night. Raw original footage and enhanced still photo with stacking technique, for download here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hfkwztrtq9...​ Update: 1:47​ is Moon, not Jupiter. Compare the apparent size of the Moon with that big "L" shaped object to realize how large was on the sky as apparent view. Bucharest UFO Sighting Video can be viewed here in this link https://youtu.be/uzUNVkFpPA8

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