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Full spectrum camera caught images of Larger Spheroid UFO

Full Spectrum Camera Images of UFO Sighting

On Saturday September 19, 2015 at 2:34 pm Lee's Summit Montana, I took some random video with a full spectrum adapted video camera. After viewing the camera screen quickly, I forgot about it. When I happened to look more closely on computer at the video on February 20, 2016, I noticed UFOs that were zooming fast in the video. 

There seem to be two kinds of UFO craft in the 30.3 seconds video. The larger one which initially seemed like a walnut appeared three places briefly in the video. The smaller resembled black dots. 

The Larger UFO  
The larger UFO began to appear in Frame 2:20 and vanished by 2:27 moving to the right in .11 seconds. It reappeared at frame 4:00 moving to the right, reversing and going left, danced upward and left and vanished at frame 5:08, a total of 1.13 seconds. 
Finally it reappeared from frame 26:04 until frame 27:24, lasting 1.33 seconds. 

The Smaller UFO  
Dot shaped UFO shot up and to the left at 7:52 in 11 frames at a 51¡ã angle in .18 seconds. A second dot shaped UFO craft shot down and to the right at a 31¡ã angle in frames 24:29 through 24:47 in .36 seconds. Then a third dot shaped UFO shot down and to the right at a 45¡ã angle in frames 28:42 to 28:44 in 3/60th of a second. 

Analysis of UFO Sighting

Whether or not the infrared and UV light aided in identifying these craft will be interesting to study in the future. Many other reports have been filed by this investigator of similar types of UFOs coming from and going to Blue Springs Lake. The upward UFO moving to the left seems to have come from nearly NNW at 336 in the lake. The first downward to the right moving UFO dove into the area of the lake at 0¡ã, or due North. It is assumed that this is the same location in the lake where other craft have been seen repeatedly which is roughly 1 mile away. 

The size of the larger UFO appear to be approximately 15 ft in diameter based on the size of previous similar UFO. The distance would be roughly 1 mile as well. It seems to have remained at approximately 12¡ã elevation most of the time, moving back and forth, going in and out of view. 

The size of the dot shaped smaller UFO appear to be about 2.8 feet, being nearly 19% smaller than the larger ones. 

It is interesting to note that the path taken into the lake by the third craft which went downward appears to go precisely to the same location into the lake at 0¡ã where the upward UFO came from second UFO also went. 


The behavior of the walnut-shaped larger sphere was odd in that it would go from invisibility, to visible, move back and forth¡­and then simply vanished again near the end of the video. It hovered and seemed to morph to slightly different shapes. The smaller dot-shaped UFO traveled between 275 mph to 330 mph. 

The fact that at least two of the smaller downward craft entered at the exact same location cannot be coincidence. The odds of this occurring are 332,212 to 1. Case # 60295 reported an UFO coming from the lake and doing a zig zag in the air .coming from almost precisely the same location as both of the downward UFO entered the lake. The odds of this is also 332,212 to 1. The dual coincidences taken together actually increase the odds significantly to 110,364.81 ¡¼x10¡½^6 to 1. Clearly, these are common locations used by UFO, MUON CMS# 76946

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