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Four different UFO Sightings east and west different UFOs Reported VA

Mechanicsville VA several different UFO Sightings reported

UFO Sightings occurred over Mechanicsville VA This started with me looking out of my kitchen window at 4:15 a.m. 01/06/2018. I have a Nikon P900 with 2000 mm lens or 83 zoom. I set the camera to a setting of Moon. I have seen different UFO Sightings and caught it on video. This as been in the eastern sky and western sky 2:30 to almost 5:00 a.m. Have caught a round UFO banana UFO with a photo of it vertical UFOs that are fast and glow pulsating. I don't know what it is.Years ago I had a UFO sighting where this space ship looking craft came up our property line. It had two huge search lights that lit up the woods like a ball field. This was a big UFO craft. I reported back then and we filed a report and drew pictures of the UFO craft. Two weeks later a pilot saw the same object and he drew the same pictures in Petersburg, Va. I was in the Air Force and worked on fighter planes. I new what I saw was something like never before no wings beautiful colors on the like glass panes across the front and down the side where I could see. This UFO was over the tree tops and was huge. It very very slowly moved up our property till it was at our street then with a burst in was gone. Unbelievable! I have made a DVD of what I have seen now. These UFOs are out in space but caught my eye as they were different in the sky with a glowing effect, not like a star and much much brighter. I can show a video if someone contacts me. Files are large format for Internet. mufon cms# 89903

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