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Fluorescent Green Black Triangle UFO Sighting 1-06-18 Darlington GB

Black Triangle UFO Sighting with green lights Darlington GB 1-06-18

Latest UFO Sighting occurred on 1/06/17 over Darlington GB, I was watching TV when I noticed a black UFO in the sky flying left to right out my window. I watched it and it suddenly came clear it was a triangle. I grabbed my phone to start recording and noticed a highly unusual fluorescent green at one of the edges pulsing randomly. I managed to press record on my phone. As I was recording the first UFO Sighting which was flying out of view I was absolutely shocked to notice a second UFO lower in the sky flying behind it. The second UFO sighting was a Doughnut shape.It wobbled as it flew. Both UFO sightings were black. The second UFO sighting was much clearer and I could see as it wobbled that there was a hole in the middle. It was shaped exactly like a Doughnut. It too had green fluorescent pulses. The second object should have been extremely clear on my camera but when I have watched the footage back NEITHER UFO can be seen HOWEVER I noticed on the camera footage that there are 2 other UFOs moving in the OPPOSITE direction at the same height of the first UFO Sighting. These 2 move extremely quickly and are parallel to each other. I did not see these when I was filming. I have sent the footage to a friend who is good with imaging to see if he can pull the UFOs from the footage. I do not know why they are not apparent in my footage. I have NEVER witnessed anything as incredible as this in my 40 years. This was no standard craft. This was nothing like I believe the military has or anyone else. mufon cms# 89370

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