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Floating Hovering Disk UFO Sighting that ascended Easley SC. 10-4-17

Disk Shaped UFO Sighting Easley SC. 10-4-17

As my family and I were returning home from dinner, I observed an UFO in the sky with lights around the edge of the UFO, giving it a disk like appearance. I was heading SW on Three Bridges Rd, in a rural area between the cities of Greenville and Anderson, South Carolina. I first saw the UFO through a clearing of trees that line the road, directly in front of me. It appeared to be at least a couple of miles away, maybe 500-1000 ft in the air. There was an airplane that passed by in the vicinity, but this UFO was stationary, almost like it may have been hovering. I tracked it with my eyes as much as I safely could while driving to see if it moved at all. Having grown up bird and duck hunting, I used trees and other objects in the sky to try and triangulate the location as best as possible. The UFO was not moving. I then approached an area that is heavily wooded and blocked the line of sight I had on the UFO. When I came out of the area, I saw the UFO in the same location, then all of a sudden, it quickly ascended in the sky to the point it disappeared. During the duration of the time I saw the UFO, I had feeling or sense like I was being watched by something or someone.  source nuforc.org

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