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Flat flying trapezoid UFO Sighting with markings resembling a bird NJ

Retired law enforcement reporting. I have been witness to many Unidentified Aerial Phenomena events. On or about 12/29/17 at 1615 hours I was sitting outside on my porch when my peripheral vision observed an UFO up and to the right of me. I looked up towards the sky in the NE quadrant at an elevation of approximately 45 degrees and saw a trapezoid object traveling from the N towards the S at approximately 20 MPH. The sky was partly cloudy and the visibility was unlimited. It was a solid, flat UFO that had no lights, appendages, or other prevalent features. It was a clearly defined trapezoid with a similar shape that of a baseball home plate with a small angle toward the front. What took my by surprise was that it had the coloration of a bird of pray similar to that of a hawk in that the shades of color were black, brown, and gray. The UFO Sighting was entirely colored with streaks of varying shades of black, gray and and brown in a natural appearing pattern. The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena "UFO" moved only in a straight, flat direction where it changed directions to the left and right with yaw. There was no other directional movement. It slightly moved left to right with subtle course change and remained on a level path. It disappeared over the house and I lost sight of it. UFO Sighting was flying against the prevailing wind pattern which was from the South that day as I recall. It was not anything I have ever seen before or am familiar with. Either it was a DARPA project or a Unidentified Aerial Phenomena; from who knows where. mufon cms# 89998

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