Five to Six UFOs Sighted flying in V shape formation over Laughlin Nevada for several nights

Latest UFO Sighting Formation over Laughlin Nevada U.S. 4-28-17

It was the 2017 Laughlin River Run, Bike week(motorcycles). We pulled into the Riverside RV camp, across from the Riverside Casino, on the night of April 25 at approx 1:00am. We stayed in area 6 over night and got to the office early to be assigned our camp spot for the 5 days we would be staying. They assigned us area 2 space# 100 right.We moved our rig, set up the camper with the door facing the river and casino's. We spent our 1st. day riding about Arizona and Nevada. We returned to camp towards the end of the day, set up our chairs and a table, sat back to enjoy the night.The casino lights from the Riverside and the Aquarius shined bright in the sky above casino's. From where I sat in my chair, I could see several types of aircraft in the sky. First was the aircraft from the Bullhead City Airport, Large passenger planes, Second was the smaller Cessna airplane that circled the area. Two of them, and the occasional helicopter, most likely flown by Law Enforcement, or private helicopter. While watching the night, I noticed a group of UFOs flying from my right, to the left. I could make out very little at first, but as they neared the casinos, the light brought them into a better view. These UFOs flew through the light of the casino's and then out of sight. I told my wife what I had seen. 5 to 6 UFOs flying in a V shape formation, no sound. She said it was probably a small flock of birds. I didn't think I saw any wings flapping, but let it go. I continued to sit back and watch the night. After a short while, I spotted the same UFO formation again, this time coming from right to left. I pointed it out to my wife, look look, there it is again, she saw it. Again 5 to 6 UFOs flying in formation, as they went by I could see one of the UFOs fall out of formation, just for a bit then hurry back to catch the others. then they were gone. We turned in and went to bed just wondering.
On the second day, we drove to Oatman Arizona. Had a good day on the motorcycles, and again ended up back at camp setting up the chairs and table, to watch the night. again the same air traffic as the night before. We did see a drone over in the Riverside parking lot, it flew up, circled around, had red and green lights, then landed back at the Riverside. Right about then I noticed, high above the Aquarius, several small red lights. There was 5 of them that I could see. They were flying in an area very small above the casino, I thought at first it was more drone activity, but as I watched them I could see that they were performing rolls, turns, dives, chasing each other in the sky. Mind you it dark, very high up, and 5 UFOs in a small area, and flying longer than any drone I ever saw. After a while the small red lights moved off and were gone. Then all of a sudden, from right to left flew in the same set of UFOs. Flying the river path. As before, as they approached the casino's I could see there belly brighten up. They flew by then out of view. My wife witnessed this all. I continued to watch threw the night. After a while, again, from right to left. A short time later again, this time from left to right, and as they flew by I could see that the formation was more in a straight line instead of a V shape. As they went by I could see that the two UFOs at the ends would drift farther out of formation and then return to formation. Then they were gone. I went to bed again wondering, where is area 51? I saw the UFO formation 3 times and the red lights high above the Aquarius once. On the third day Friday, again we did the motorcycle thing, stayed late walking the strip, shopping the vendor booths and returning to camp later than before Approx. 10:00 P.M. Set up my chairs and table, and waited. On Friday night I saw the same UFO Sighting formations flying from right to left..left to right 4 times, and saw the same red lights again..still flying in the same area of the sky as they did before, twice.
Saturday was to be the big night. I had come to the conclusion by this time that the red lights and the V shape formation were connected. Once I lost track of the red lights, I would soon see the V shape UFO formation fly by. So as I set up my chairs and table to watch the night in Laughlin Nevada, I sat back and not knowing how many sightings I would see. It was the busiest night in Laughlin Nevada that night, you could here the strip rev up. And it seemed as tho the two were connected. I first saw the flybys shortly after returning from the strip. Again about 10:30 Pm I saw the UFO formation, here it came, Same UFOs straight formation. 5 UFOs thru the sky, no sound, no lights just reflective light from the casino's. As before the end UFO would tend to drift out and then back into close formation with the others, and then out of sight. There were times I could get out of my chair continue to watch as it flew across the strip. The light from the casinos really lit them up. And from a ways out. I really made an effort this time to get up see as much as I could. Shortly, the red lights reappear'ed over the Aquarius, first just one caught my attention, but then as I watched a second, then a third 4,5,doing upward climbs with rotational turns, then at the top of the climb it would roll horizontal and then as if it were on a roller coaster, slid downward as it rolled counterclockwise,380 degrees, while other UFOs seem to chase each other in what I would call play dogfight. The event would last for a while, and I would loose track of them. After a brief scan of the sky, from my left to right, came the UFO formation, V shape, tight this time, and the strip got louder I would see the craft. It was as if they were there watching the whole thing, as if a tourist, but from above. In all I saw the craft formation at least 10 times that night. I saw and watched the red lights high in the sky, over the casino most of the time in or near the same play box in the sky 4 times. After that point a feeling of real fear or tension within my self over came me, not knowing what these things are , where they come from, who's flying them. I went to bed. We were to stay another night but, the wife thought we should leave early, the wind had been blowing 2 of the 4 days we were there, and it was calm. So we packed up and rolled of to California. I'm home now, I look at my night sky from time to time and wonder, Is there an answer to the question, what did I see? mufon cms# 83528

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