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Five Blimp Shaped UFO Sighting Reported

During the summer of 2003, while outside playing basketball with friends, we witnessed a strange, white, blimp-like UFO Sighting emerging from behind partial cloud cover. As we watched, trying to figure out what it was, a second  UFO Sighting craft followed in line behind the first. Then a third, fourth, and fifth and final UFO Sighting craft emerged. All were in a line, all perfectly spaced apart, and equal in size. What was most interesting about these "blimps" is that there was not a carriage/basket underneath, nor any tail fan to propel, just a smooth white surface, no visible windows, or lights. The UFO Sighting appeared to be traveling at just under commercial airliner altitudes (there were chem-trails from these airliners in the east and west skies for point of reference). If they were traveling at the same altitude, these craft were significantly larger. they were absolutely silent, as they drifted across the sky. the ordeal lasted approximately 2:00 minutes before the first two in the series disappeared behind a cloud. not more than 30 seconds later, the last three craft vanished without a trace before they would have gone behind(over) the cloud cover. We continued to watch to see if the craft would emerge again in the same flight path, but they never did. For years I just wrote the incident off, recently, however, I happened to learn of Cmdr. Fravor "tic-tac" story and instantly thought, "that craft description seems an awful lot like what I and my two friends saw that summer afternoon". I debated sharing my story simply because, everyone seems to have some sort of UFO or Alien encounter story, that 9 times out of 10 has a reasonable explanation, and I didn't want to add to the saturation of the lore. However, if it helps connect a dot, it may be important to share. mufon cms# 107988 Jackson California U.S Region has had 10,810 Reported UFO Sightings to date. Blimp Shaped Craft is Similar to photo below.

Blimp Shaped UFO

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