First Repcon 2016 conference Video focuses on Reptilian Aliens

Held at the Fusiliers Museum, Bury, north Manchester, England May 29th 2016 So they had Simon Parkes, whom I caught for an interview. The rest of the excellent speakers were recorded, so do support RepCon 2016 by going to their website which is also an excellent documentary. Max Spiers was billed as attending, but he will now be speaking at The Bases 2016 conference later in the summer at Pewsey, Aug 12th to 14.

We back reference to Simon's first public appearance, with the very first Ammach material I feature very briefly, in the Nottingham Masonic Hall, March 2011, from some retrieved files on my Ammach archive, with some dodgy sound (the 4th track was lost in the massive 3TB Archive loss while Ammach was under attack), during its short life before the Ch4 massacre. A brief mention of the beautiful seductress Joanne Summerscales in her new venture ET newsroom. Lets hope its positive this time. Credit Miles Johnston The First Repcon 2016 conference focuses on Reptilian Aliens Video 

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