F-15 Attempts Intercept UFO

At 20:45 on April 6th, 2020, my father and I saw what looked like a star in the Western sky. It then became apparent that it wasn't a star or a satellite. UFO Sighting was omitting a glowing, steady, white light. What made us pay more attention was the fact that it was flying fast at a low elevation. UFO Sighting was traveling from Northwest to Southeast. We then heard the sound of an F-15, which is a common occurrence around where we live. It's a common trail that the Oregon Air National Guard flies their F-15s. It appeared as if the F-15 was attempting to intercept the UFO. The UFO did not change its speed, and headed South/ Southeast. The F-15 seemingly paced the UFO until out of sight, below the horizon. The whole event lasted maybe two to three minutes. We didn't see either the F-15 or the craft again. My dad knew the sound of the F-15 and that is what alerted us to look for it. What was also odd was the fact that the F-15 was flying alone, because we almost always see them flying in pairs. NUFORC 4/5/20 Molalla Oregon.


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