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Egg Shaped UFO Sighting With Pulsing Light Great Brittan 2015

Egg Shaped UFO Sighting With Pulsing Light 12-24-15 GB

I was sky watching when I sighted an egg shaped UFO that was quite low in the sky. The egg shaped UFO was moving fast at first but then slowed right down giving me enough time and the opportunity to take a photograph. The UFO did not seem to care if it was seen or photographed. The egg shaped UFO had what looked like a searchlight on the bottom of it. The light would pulse on and off in short bursts it was very strange.

I managed to take three photographs of this strange egg shaped UFO before it slowly moved off over some houses and off into the distance. Other people must of seen this bizarre UFO Sighting as it was broad daylight and the UFO was low in the sky. The photographs were taken on the 24th of ‎December ‎2015, 3:48 PM GMT at Newton Abbot Devon England. mufon cms# 83367

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