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Dull Gray Spherical UFO Sighting with Black Helicopter and Military Vehicles Peirce Colorado

sphere UFO Sighting reported 11-21-17 Pierce CO

UFO Sighting occurred on Nov.21,2017 pierce CO. I was sitting in my living room and decided to open the front door for fresh air when I noticed a dull gray spherical shaped UFO slowly moving through the sky about a mile away in a south western direction. There was no sound that I could hear coming from the UFO Sighting.The UFO stopped abruptly in mid air, then zipped away super fast in a northern direction, there was no noise when this happened. I did not see the UFO again after this time, however about an hour later my windows started rattling as a single bladed black helicopter that was flying sort of low made about 6 large clockwork circles over our town. After about 10 minutes of this I started hearing a bunch of sirens coming north up highway 85 of which my home is about 1000 feet from. I walked down our street to see what was going on when a convoy of about 15 to 20 tan armored military vehicles passed by. There was one vehicle that was blue in the middle of the convoy that looked like some kind of truck with a camper like shell with a door on the back. The convoy where traveling at about 50 miles an hour maybe faster. After the vehicles passed I saw the black helicopter make another pass between Pierce and Nunn before I lost sight of the UFO. source nyuforc.org

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